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Risto abp Cetin


American Biochemical & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is devoted to manufacturing and supplying the health care and clinical diagnostics fields worldwide with the products necessary to continue to enhance the understanding of hemostasis, thrombosis, and platelet function.  ABP is known throughout the market as a provider of quality products at a competitive price.


Over twenty years ago, ABP started supplying Ristocetin Sulfate to the hemostasis laboratories throughout the world to help diagnose von Willebrand Disease (vWD).  When the original manufacturer decided to stop producing this unique product essential in the testing of vWD, ABP stepped in and acquired the manufacturing rights and technology to ensure the continued supply of Ristocetin Sulfate.  As a result, Ristocetin CoFactor Activity and RIPA still remain today as the gold standards in the testing for vWD.  Today, ABP offers a wide variety of products in the healthcare and clinical diagnosis fields.