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abp is the world's source of Ristocetin (Ristocetin Sulfate).  abp supplies this unique product to all the major manufacturers of platelet aggregation reagents.  abp's record of customer satisfaction with Ristocetin has been outstanding:

  • No backorders - Product has always been available
  • No product recalls or problems - Quality and performance has always exceeded expectations.
  • Continually looking for improvements - Higher potency/activity and longer shelf life.  Data from recent studies is now available to support a 36 month expiration date for Ristocetin in 2011.
  • Ristocetin is used in the Ristocetin Cofactor Activity Assay (von Willebrand factor activity) and the Ristocetin Induced Platelet Aggregation Assay (RIPA) to help diagnose von Willebrand Disease and other bleeding disorders.

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Ristocetin Sulfate

1g vials or packs of 6x100mg vials

Catalog Numbers:

1g vial           100RIST001
6x100mg        100RIST600

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