Indigo Carmine Injection

Indigo Carmine has recently been discovered as an extremely useful tool for contrast staining in Colonoscopy. Below are some excerpts from an article published in Gut magazine in 2004 (Issue 53, pages 256-260).

“…careful mucosal examination aided by pancolonic chromoendoscopy and targeted biopsies of suspicious lesions may be a more effective surveillence methodology than taking multiple non-targeted biopsies”

“In the study, a dye spray extubation with targeted biopsies took the same time as a standard extubation with multiple non targeted biopsies”

“…and in terms of dysplasia detection, it may be more time effective than taking large numbers of non-targeted biopsies”

“…With regard to dysplasia detection, the non-targeted biopsy protocol (2904 biopsies) detected no dysplasia from 100 patients, the pre-dye spray targeted biopsy protocol (43 biopsies) detected two dysplastic lesions in two of the 100 patients, and the dye spray targeted biopsy protocol (114 biopsies) detected these two dysplastic lesions plus seven additional dysplastic lesions in five more of the 100 patients”

Indigo Carmine is used in:

  • Kidney function tests
  • Cytoscopy in urology
  • OB/Gynecology
  • Colonoscopy
  • Location of fistulas
  • Contrast Staining

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